Welcome CSA Members!

Click the link below to order produce using your special member number.


Ordering information

  1. Our online store is open Friday through Monday each week.
  2. Your order will be ready the WEDNESDAY after you place your order.  Our pick up/drop off locations are: Evans Brothers (Sandpoint), Annie's Orchard (Clark Fork), Kochava (employees only), Sandpoint Library (employees only)
  3. Pick up is from 4-6pm.
  4. After you order, CHECK YOUR EMAIL.  If you did not receive an email order confirmation, your order did not go through.  You were not charged.  Go ahead and try again-we want your order!

missed pick up policy

In order to keep our business running smoothly, after Tuesday morning at 5am we will not be able to refund or change your order.  After that point, it is up to you to collect or forfeit your order.  You are always welcome to send someone else to pick it up, or to collect it from our farm in Clark Fork the next day.

MMF Hats
I baked the sweet potatoes that I bought from you last week for Saturday’s dinner. WOW!! Those are probably the best sweet potatoes that I have ever tasted!!!!!!
— A farmers' market customer