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I enjoy receiving my CSA produce every week. The variety is good. It’s always fresh and lasts so long. My favorite thing has to be yours and Spencer’s smiling faces and delivery is always on time. Thanks for all you do.
— CSA customer Laura Braniff

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A cornucopia of fresh, organic produce to choose from every week!

MOOSE MEADOW FARM CSA details (subject to change in 2019)

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  You buy a season-long membership in the farm and in exchange you get exclusive access to Moose Meadow Farm’s top quality, certified organic produce.  

What does it cost?  We offer small, standard, and family share options.  A small share (SOLD OUT FOR 2018) costs $300 plus tax, a standard share costs $585 plus tax, and a family share costs $875 plus tax.  All share sizes also include an additional $10 refundable box fee.   Over the 26-week season that is an average of $11.53 per week for a small share, $23.63 per week for a standard share and $37.02 per week for a family share.

How does it work?  Many CSA farms pack a box for their members each week.  We want to give our customers more of a choice in what they get.  Therefore our members use our online store to order exactly what they want.  Members are able to order Friday through Monday each week before their pick up, and may draw down their prepaid account, like a debit account, until the balance is $0.

What if I go on vacation?  No problem!  You can opt to spend from $0 to $55 each week until your balance is $0.  It’ll be easiest on you and the farmers if you spend close to the average amount each week, but as mentioned, you have the freedom to spend what you want each week.  We won’t be able to carry over your balance to next season, but we will donate the value (in produce) of any balance remaining by the end of the season to the Bonner Community Food Bank.  Alternatively, you can opt for us to donate any amount of your share to the Food Bank any week if you are going away.

How do I sign up?!  Payment by check is preferable, but online payment is available too.  Sign ups are available until we sell out.  Simply click one of the buttons at the top of this page!


What's in a share?   

SMALL SHARE:  No discount.  $11.53 per week average.  This share is good for a single omnivore or a couple who tend a garden. Sold out for 2018 as of 3/6/18. 

STANDARD SHARE:  5% discount.  $23.63 per week average.  This share is good for omnivorous couples or small households that are vegetarian/vegan. 

FAMILY SHARE:  10% discount.  $37.02 per week average.  This share is good for vegetable-centered families, vegans or vegetarians, or couples who like to cook. 

All members receive a weekly newsletter with recipes, tips, stories and photos, and are invited to a free midsummer farm tour and potluck.  

Can I pay in installments?  Yes!  To reserve your spot, we must receive payment of at least 1/3 the total cost of your share.  This is due at sign up.  The second installment is due by June 1st, and the final installment is due by July 1st.  3/5/18 update: You may pay for a Standard Share or Family Share in 4 equal installments due at sign up, by June 1, by July 1, and by August 1.

What if I don’t want to choose my items? Katherine and Spencer will happily pack a box for you.  You can select this option when ordering each week.  The box will be valued at close to your weekly average and will contain a diverse mix of produce.  

What types of produce do you grow?  Salad mix every single week?!  Tomatoes in June?!  Sweet potatoes?!  With over 10,000 square feet of covered greenhouse space, we are able to extend the season on many of your favorite crops.  See our availability chart (below) for more.  We pride ourselves on having the earliest fresh produce available in Bonner County!  

Where do I pick up my produce?  We deliver to Sandpoint and Clark Fork, Idaho, every Wednesday.  Delivery to Sandpoint is Wednesdays (5/9 through 10/31) at Evans Brothers Coffee from 4-6 pm.  The Clark Fork distribution is Wednesdays (5/9 through 10/31) at Annie's Orchard from 4-6 pm.  We also offer a Sandpoint Library drop off on Wednesdays for employees only.  

We are a customer-focused farm and aim to please!  Let us know if you have any questions.

availability chart 2018
(We) have been loving your produce!! My daughter especially loves your carrots and potatoes!
— 2017 CSA customer