Welcome to Moose Meadow Farm!
Katherine and Spencer selling at the Saturday Sandpoint Farmers' Market

Katherine and Spencer selling at the Saturday Sandpoint Farmers' Market

You guys are awesome. I spent a few years in Extension working with organic farmers, and you’re the best I’ve seen. Every Tuesday is a culinary celebration!
— CSA customer Michael Bauer
Moose Meadow produce is out of this world fresh and delicious! My husband who doesn’t enjoy eating greens will gladly eat second helpings of their salad mixings. These greens melt in your mouth they’re so tender and fresh! Thank you Moose Meadow for taking nutrition up a notch!
— Winter customer Jeanelle Shields

Welcome to Moose Meadow Farm!

Moose Meadow Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm in the northern panhandle of Idaho.  We grow a variety of produce year round, with sales around Bonner County.  The farm is situated in the town of Clark Fork, on the shores of Lake Pend O'rielle and the Clark Fork River.  On the 80 acre property, the farmers grow on a quarter acre but will expand to 3/4 acre by 2018.  Katherine and Spencer are full time farmers and make their living 100% from the farm.  

Why buy from Us?

We believe wholeheartedly in providing the highest quality produce to our community members year round.  We keep your money in the community by reinvesting in local businesses who provide us goods and services. You will find that our produce lasts longer and tastes better than typical grocery store produce because it is fresh and local. Get to know us!  We are fun and likeable people.  All of our products come with the peace of mind offered by organic certification and are triple washed and ready to eat.

Commitment to Organic

We understand that there are a lot of choices to make when it comes to the food you eat.  We strive to take the guess work out of some of your food decisions by committing to organic practices.  We don't use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs.  We limit our fossil fuel use (including plastic) as much as possible.  We instead rely on ample compost, crop rotations, careful monitoring, and slow release rock powders to bring you the most nutritious, highest quality food you can buy.  Furthermore, we aim for thoughtful practices and a biodiverse farm that encourages beneficial insects and soil microbiology and helps us avoid using sprays of any kind - organic approved or not.  We are certified organic by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA).  They scrutinize our records and practices, and audit our farm every year so you can rest assured in their third party verification of our standards. 

I can’t tell you how wonderful these fresh greens have been!! Add a little goat cheese and it is a delightful meal :-) So excited to have found you!
— CSA customer Noble St Sauver, owner of Red Roof Farmstead

Where can you find us? 

Throughout the year, we sell our products through Winter Ridge Natural Foods, Baxter's on Cedar, The Floating Restaurant, DiLuna's, The Hound, Pilgrim's Market, Fresh Sunshine Flowers, the Bonner Community Food Bank, Birch and Barley, the Farmers' Market at Sandpoint, through a 30 member CSA and to our community members through our online store.