chinese cabbage

Classic Kimchi

1 head Chinese cabbage, cut into 1” wide strips

2 carrots, cut on the diagonal into 1/8” slices

1 bunch scallions

1 hot chile pepper or dried red chile flakes

1 tablespoon salt

1” knob fresh ginger

1.      Place all the ingredients in a large bowl.  Gently massage the mixture with your clean hands until the vegetables start to release some water.  Keep massaging until you see significant liquid.

2.      Place a clean plate over the mixture so that it covers everything right to the edge of the bowl.  Let sit on your counter for 3-5 days, and taste every day to test tanginess.

3.      Once kimchi has reached your desired tanginess, it should all fit into a quart-sized mason jar and can be kept in the fridge to halt fermentation for up to a few weeks.